Fund Raising

• Donation  
• Donation in Kind

Pooja and Food Reception Charges
1) Pooja charges - RM101.00
2) Food - In house cooking - RM200.00 (Ashrama Children + 5 guests). Each additional guest will be charged RM4.00
3) Food - Catering Service (Please contact us for the menus provided by Ananda Bhawan, Jaya Caterers, and Sivam Caterers)

Recycling project
The Management of Ramakrisna Ashrama has embarked on recycling project in May 2015 to educate Ashrama children about recycling, reuse and reduce concepts. It has also helped to increase the funds for the day to day maintenance and management of the Ashram.

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Bank Name: CIMB Bank

Bank Account Number: 07220005022056
Bank Account Name: The Ramakrishna Ashrama, Penang
CIMB Bank Code: 35


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